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From Ordinary Heroes:

Someone screamed.


People were pointing towards the water. Jackie’s gaze followed the fingers.


Something was rising out of the ocean. Something huge and mechanical. It took a step forward and the ground shook. Jackie nearly fell to her knees, but Michael caught her and propped her up.


Another step forward. Another crash like thunder. Jackie leaned against Michael, not sure now who was propping up whom. The top of the thing, the size of half a city block, now rose fully out of the ocean, water streaming off its gleaming silver hide. Hunks of green seaweed hung from its joints and belly. With the next step, six mechanical legs appeared. Families grabbed up their children and hurried back up the beach. Some people were running away, not waiting to see if the thing was friendly or not.


Silver tentacles snaked out of the shell and started snatching people up and tossing them screaming in all directions.


Jackie’s instinct was to run, but first she needed to find Lucas.


As she scanned the beach once more for her son, the monster in the water spoke in a deafening but tinny voice: “People of Seacoast City! Bow down to your new master! Bow down to…”

The pause was so pregnant, Jackie could have conceived, gestated, and given birth to a child while still having plenty of time to prepare a room for the baby.


“…the Kraken!” Maniacal laughter followed, as it always did.


“Seems like we have a new supervillain every single week,” Michael muttered. To Jackie, he said, “We have to get out of here. Now.” His hand was on her arm, tugging her back up the beach.


“But we haven’t found Lucas!” Jackie said, wrenching out of his grasp. “He could be anywhere.”


Michael frowned, scanned the thinning crowd. “He could be,” he said. “But he’s not. He’s right there.” Michael pointed toward the water.


There, less than a hundred yards from the Kraken’s waving tentacles, Lucas splashed in the ocean.

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